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The future of fashion is a collaborative
and AI-driven supply chain

Hyran is building an all-in-one AI platform helps brands respond to consumer demand, increase profitability, and reduce waste.

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Our Team

Dr. Ahmed Zaidi

CEO & Co-Founder

Through his family's knitwear manufacturing business in Pakistan, Ahmed has seen first-hand the consequences of over production and long lead times. Ahmed completed his PhD in AI from Cambridge University, where he was formerly a member of faculty, applying AI techniques on forecasting and markdown pricing through his previous venture Catalyst AI (exited). He is now setting his sights on solving fashion's inventory problem at its roots by going upstream in the supply chain.

Jordan Zhang

CTO & Co-Founder

Before Hyran, Jordan built and scaled machine learning applications to protect the safety of hundreds of millions of users at Facebook and Twitch (Amazon). Jordan holds a MPhil in Advanced Computer Science, with focus on Natural Language Understanding, from Cambridge University, and prior to that graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of California Berkeley.


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